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Welcome to Aimer Farming, a company founded by Jeremy Bryant, a dairy farmer turned AgTech innovator with a passion for helping farmers optimise their farming operations. With a deep understanding of the challenges that farmers face, Jeremy realised that there was a gap in forward looking decision support tools that could help them optimise farm operations, profit and environmental performance.

With a PhD in genetics and farm system modelling, and years of experience in the AgTech industry, Jeremy set out to create a solution that could truly make a difference. The result is AIMER, an AI enabled digital assistant that acts as a pasture coach by testing ideas, running scenarios, optimising decisions, generating plans and communicating results and plans.

As Aimer Farming has gained momentum with backing from Sprout AgriTech we've been privileged to grow our team. This includes the fantastic, dedicated and talented Cristy Benson (User Experience Developer), Duncan Willcock (Software Developer), Henry Martin (AI Engineer), Monique Moore (Administration Manager), Bella Campbell (Customer Success Representative) and Danyel Hosto (Business Development Manager). The entire team is passionate about making farmers' life easier, more enjoyable and profitable.