aimer features


Flexible Pasture Cover Measurements

Enter pasture covers in an interactive and visual wizard on your smartphone using any pasture measurement technology.


Part Farm Walks

Ability to carry out part farm walks at the busiest times of the year saving you and your team time.


Feed Wedge Analysis

Access feed wedge insights and recommendations to optimise pasture intake and pasture quality, supplement, and fertiliser use.


Grazing and Supplement Plans

Automatic generation of grazing and supplement allocation plans for each mob on the farm and the ability to tune plans.


Forecast Cover

Forecast individual paddock pasture covers based on learned knowledge of each of the paddocks so you have the most accurate information.


Optimised Insights

Easily identify and track underperforming paddocks and cultivars to optimise pasture renovation decisions



Test, simulate and visualise short term management decisions and scenarios, and see impact on pasture optimisation, covers and performance against targets.



Map based and tabular communication of upcoming paddocks to graze to staff on their smartphone.

how it works

Once your farm has been set up by our team, you are ready to unlock the benefits of AIMER. AIMER removes the requirement for spreadsheet-based planning, instead combining the convenience of having all your pasture management functions available on your device with the power of AI enabled software that is continuously evolving and learning about your farm.

What makes AIMER Different

Pasture led focus

Intense cost pressures and skilled labour shortages are challenges most dairy farmers are facing these days. While you have little control over the cost of your inputs and your payout, you do have control over arguably one of your most valuable resources (after your herd of course), which is pasture. AIMER is unabashedly focussed on your herds primary feed source and generates insights and plans that have a direct effect on your pasture quality and consequently your farm profit.

Forward looking decisions

AIMER focusses intensely on finding the best insights and foresight for the next two to three weeks giving you the clarity and confidence of your decisions. Existing offerings tend to look back in hindsight at sub optimal or good decisions that can’t be changed.

Detailed Plan Generation

AIMER generates detailed and informed paddock and supplement allocation plans for each mob on the farm that optimise pasture usage and continues to learn the uniqueness of each farm and paddock. All plans have the flexibility of being fine tuned and re-generated to suit each farmers individual requirements.

Digital Coach

Because AIMER is designed specifically as a digital assistant and coach it can be used directly by farm staff irrespective of experience rather than needing highly trained individuals to use and operate the software.